Plant Production Nursery

To the rear of the Garden Centre is a modern plant production nursery unit which grows many of the plants to be sold at the Centre.

To ensure that all our plants are grown, prepared and stored to the highest standards, all our poly tunnels and glasshouses have their environments controlled by computer which is linked to a weather station.

We have a comprehensive and up to date range of modern machinery. Seed is sown by an automated Hamilton seed sower.This is germinated on propagation beds with the correct temperature being controlled and provided.

There is then an option of 6 different growing regimes with temperature and ventilation appropriate to give the optimum plant growth.


We use a Meyer potting machine which is well
established within the British horticultural industry, this speeds up the process of potting plants to be sold in individual pots.
A tray filling machine prepares the packs for the plants to be sold this way.

Our latest addition is a Hamilton automatic transplanter which replaces pricking out in the traditional way.

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